Italian, really Italian, maybe one of the most enthusiastic followers of “la dolce vita” style. That’s me. And what makes me a perfect Italian, beyond the personal appearance? Simple:

1. First of all, I love my family, as only an Italian does: my Granma and my Mom allowed me to develop my passion for food, while my Dad introduced me to the pleasures of fine wines when I was 18th, proudly looking at me as I moved my first steps in the wine business, and today, as a professional in the field.

2. I can drink gallons of Espresso Coffee! Short, black and creamy coffee from the best Arabica selection. But for breakfast, my moka is absolutely indispensable, to celebrate the waking-up the old-fashioned Italian way.

3. I love to cook (and to eat …)! The best time for me is when my family and friends are sitting down at the dinner table, sharing a delicious meal made with genuine ingredients. I love to teach how to cook! Piemontese traditional recipes have got no secrets for me…  my family taught me how to make pasta and how to select the best ingredients.

4. I love fashion, and my wardrobe is rigorously Italian Style, with some top designers pieces to mix up.

5. I can spend whole days in an art gallery, immersed in collections of the Italian Renaissance and Baroque, with paintings of portraits and landscapes, religious objects, precious furniture.

My wish is to give you a taste of the true Italian culture and lifestyle, from my little window.